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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Stalker news 09.12.09 RTL Punkt 12

Giant trouble for Tom Kaulitz! According to RTL-Information the prosecution has brought charges against him. The 20-year-old Tokio-Hotel-guitarist is alleged to beat a girl up. Gabi Funk with the whole story:
With her lawyer, the French girl Perrine, visited the putative crime scene again, a gas station in Hamburg. There was the incident, for which Tom from Tokio Hotel has to stand trial soon.
Perrine: He parked his car exactly here and he hit me there.
Lawyer: An evidence is especially the video, which shows clearly, no ifs, no buts, that Tom had hit her at least once, when Perrine stood and it also shows as clearly that Perrine also got hit by Tom, when she even lay on the ground.
Injuries on the ear, on the shoulder and in the face, Perrine claimed to have at that time, with the emergency service she was taken to the hospital.
Perrine: Fairness is important! I just want, that the court says “Tom Kaulitz is at fault!”
For the band this case represents unlike that indeed. Perrine and her 3 french friend, who also call themselves “Les Afghanes On Tour” are alleged to stalk Tokio Hotel for months, made their lifes really a living hell. When Perrine allegedly put a cigarette out on Tom’s car, he lost his nerves. Later the girls also were alleged to threaten Bill’s and Tom’s mother.
Tom: That had absolutely nothing to do with fans, they were just people, who are… yeah, extremely disturbed.
Perrine’s lawyer doesn’t want to accept that.
Lawyer: The band Tokio Hotel means that this would be Stalking, we always have denied it, and even if it would be so, it’s not a criminal act, because the band, who is a world-famous band, has to accept much more than like a musician, who nearly no one knows.
In the worst case Tom are threaten up to 5 years in prison, which is very unlikely according to lawyer Benecken. His client wants an apology above all. Tom’s manager wasn’t within reach today, but he said to the BILD-paper, the way things stand at the moment, there won’t be any process.

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