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Sunday, December 27, 2009

INTERVIEW; Tokio Hotel Exclusive BRAVO RU - interview translation

INTERVIEW; Tokio Hotel Exclusive BRAVO RU - interview translationINTERVIEW; Tokio Hotel Exclusive BRAVO RU - interview translationINTERVIEW; Tokio Hotel Exclusive BRAVO RU - interview translation
On one of the regular days at exactly 4 p.m. we received call from the TH management. We were asking for interview with the guys for a while now, but they were busy shooting the video. But now they had a few free minutes to talk to us on the phone. All four guys were together but as always Bill spoke the most:
Bravo: Hello! At first we would like to congratulate you on Humanoid becoming Gold in Russia. Are you satisfied with the results?
Bill: We just found out about it. We are very happy, because we’ve put so much love, hard work, so much emotions and stress into this album – so it is always great when fans really like what we’ve done.
Bravo: Was there are difficulties in the process of producing this album?
: As all creative processes production of the album is always a hard work. We would like to express our gratitude to a lot of people, who supported us during this time. Our friends, family, colleges- they are all influenced us one way or another. Album turned out to be very lyrical(I am sure it is not what Bill meant but it what in the magazine).
Bravo: How did your feelings change about your music and about yourself in the last four years?: We were so green (as inexperienced). We thought that it is so easy to turn world around. All we need is just work very hard. Although, we still think the same. At the beginning we were making goals that we thought we will achieve one day. Some of them are still waiting to be reached. And about changes, we were able to leave Europe (as become successful beyond Europe). We started small and now we are playing huge stadiums. It is amazing feeling.
Bravo: Do you think that you have already written your best song?: hmmm… Honestly we have a lot of good songs about everything in the world, but we are sincerely hope that our best song is not written yet…
Bill and Tom
Bravo: Nowadays a lot of bands openly talking about politics, peace, war… For example latests albums of ‘30 Seconds to Mars’ or ‘My Chemical Romance’ are about that. Have you ever thought about writing song-manifest?
: Very interesting question! I think that it is great idea to try to open people’s eyes about the world around them with your music. Music exists to influence people. I like the idea that music can move somebody to actions. That somebody would go and try to change the world into the better place. It is possible that we will write song like this one day. It’s very possible.
*questions about Twilight. Bill likes it and would like to play a vampire one day*
Bravo: We promised (to someone) that we will tell you about one present. Fans from website have planted gectar of the forest in your name. How do you like that idea?: What? Planted a forest?
Bravo: It’s cool isn’t it?
: Stop, the whole gectar of a forest?
Bravo: Yes, real forest.
Tom (unsure)
Bill (addressing to the band): Guys did you hear that? It unbelievable! (Exited discussion on the other end) “Tokio Hotel forest” (Bill is trying the name out) It’s fantastic! It’s great idea! Nobody gave us that kind of present before. I am happy that there are people who care about environment.
Bravo: You are coming to Russia soon. What would you like to say to your Russian fans.: I am hoping to see you on our shows! It is real pleasure to play for you. Please come!

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