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Monday, December 7, 2009

INTERVIEW; 07.12.09 Bravo Web TV - Bill Kaulitz

INTERVIEW; 07.12.09 Bravo Web TV - Bill Kaulitz

Hey, good afternoon, the Nicholas is already away, in return I’m here now and Christmas is also soon, meaning everything goes very quickly, and for Nora, a BRAVO-Winner, Christmas was actually already. She was allowed to meet Bill Kaulitz from Tokio Hotel, she’s a huge fan and had won a role in the animation movie “Arthur und die Minimoys”. And she was allowed to synchronize a tiny tiny role and Bill Kaulitz just joined in and talked with her, as professional – because he’s synchronizing Arthur – what she has to do, what’s going on there and so on.. And I just filmed that and brought that along to you guys. Have fun!
Bill: Hello, this Bill from Tokio Hotel and I’m standing here with the winner – Nora! And I’m explaining her, well, explaining sounds a bit silly, because I’m also not a professional on that score… We’re talking a bit about the synchronizing at “Arthur und die Minimoys” and Nora certainly made a really great job and… I also took pains and we’re just talking a bit about that.
Bill: Did you have to laugh as well?
Nora: Yes, I had to laugh.
Bill: Okay, that’s the heaviest, I also had to laugh this time. And I think all those emotions are really difficult, this laughing and crying and so on are very difficult, but you don’t had to cry?
Nora: No, I don’t had to cry.
Bill: Did you have much to synchronize? No, right?
Nora: No, it could have been worse. It took about five hours.
Bill: But laughing is really the heaviest. I think if you just say the text, then it’s okay, but… And you had fun?
Nora: Yeah…
Bill: Was that loud enough?!
Max: Cheers! To your brilliant appearance!
Bill: Max, I don’t have time for a drink now, I’ve got a message! The minimoys are in danger!
Sascha: How do you like it so far?
Nora: Super! Everything’s great.
Sascha: Is he nice or is he mean?
Nora: He’s totally nice!!!
Sascha: Really?
Nora: Yeah.
Bill: I’m absolutely evil in fact! They all say that just in front of the camera!

You can watch the video Here!!!

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