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Saturday, December 12, 2009

08.12.09 McDonald’s Happy Meal Germany – Arthur 2 DVD Bill Interview

Bill: Hey, this is Bill from Tokio Hotel and I’m synchronizing the bravely Arthur in “Arthur and the Minimoys 2 – The Return of the Evil M” again.
Bill: Aaaaaaaaah! Was that loud enough?!
Bill: Of course I was excited again and yeah, it’s still something new for me and I’m not that experienced like in singing, but of course I’ve been glad. Well, when I saw the movie I felt like at home of course.
Max: Cheers! To your brilliant appearance!
Bill: Max, I don’t have time for a drink now, I’ve got a message! Selenia is in big danger!
Bill: Arthur has been waiting the whole time to travel to the minimoys and of course he’s totally excited, because he got that grain of rice with the letters “Help” on it and of course he thought “Selenia, oh my god, what happens to her now?” and he wants to go as soon as possible to the minimoys and he couldn’t hardly ever await.
Bill: Yeah, today is the 10th Moon, the minimoys are celebrating a festival in my honour.
Woman: The mini… the mini-what?!
Bill: The minimoys are tiny figures, which you can’t see with the naked eye.
Max: I love this city!
Bill: They live in a world that is actually also our world, but we don’t notice.
Yeah. What do you want?
Beta: Hello, it’s me, Beta, the prince, the brother of Selenia. Ring any bells?
Oh Beta, what are you doing there outside? You’re such a funnyman!
Bill: What I also really like, are those scenes, which happening in the meantime. When they fly with a lady beetle…
Bill: Wow! This can’t be more difficult than flying a mosquito.
Bill: All those things, which wouldn’t work in reality but which are converted really cute in the movie.
Beta: How does such a rat look like?
Arthur: Just as this! Aaaaaaaahhh!
Bill: In moments like this you also wish that you’re able to experience something like this sometime. Like sleeping in a flower, flying with a lady beetle or something like that. And for me, those are the most beautiful scenes in the movie.
Max: Absolutely!
Bill: Get ready for something now! I say you: It’s gonna be wicked!

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