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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Exclusive Interview – Bill: “I wanted to drop everything.”

Exclusive Interview – Bill: “I wanted to drop everything.”

NEWS; Exclusive Interview – Bill: “I wanted to drop everything.”NEWS; Exclusive Interview – Bill: “I wanted to drop everything.”NEWS; Exclusive Interview – Bill: “I wanted to drop everything.”NEWS; Exclusive Interview – Bill: “I wanted to drop everything.”

Bill was never so thoughtful! Only in BRAVO Tokio Hotel frontman reveals how sad he is sometimes.

A recording studio hidden in a backyard in Berlin-Schöneberg.On first floor of the building in speaker-kab is Bill Kaulitz (20) with BRAVO- reader Nora (13). She won in BRAVO a speaking role in “Arthur and the minimoys 2″ (since 26.11. in cinema). Bill speaks for main role Arthur.Now the Tokio Hotel singer takes care of Nora in the recording studio They both understand eachother,Bill had a lot of fun,laughed all the times. But during the subsequent interview,he suddenly reveals a totally different side.

Bravo: Bill, are you happy?
Bill: I am totally happy with my career. Our album “Humanoid” seems to be super. In most European countries we are more successful in charts than with last album. I wish that my private life is also so good.I don’t know what do I need to be happy, but I am not.

Bravo: Any idea why is that?
Bill: It maybe because I have no time to be happy for the things I experienced. I can not even celebrate our success and enjoy. Because I alwayshave something new to do. And I am still missing love. Unfortunately…

Bravo: How can you then find it? Can we help?
Bill: I don’t know too (sighs). There are many people that try to find a partner in a realiltyshow. “Bill in love” wouldn’t really be for me.To meet a girl in front of camera-that’s not working. That I learn to know someone private is unfortunately very unlikely. I don’t go out or shopping!

Bravo: And why don’t you run away from your world and go out without bodyguards?
Bill: I’ll be honest and say that I never want to try that,I am scared of that! Right now in Europe is really hard for me to go in a Club alone. Even if security is here, it seems to me like a photo session or a signing session. Than I feel like an animal in a zoo.But that’s a life of a star. Maybe I meet someone because of my job…who knows? If love should really get me then surely coincidental.

Bravo: Are you at least satisfied with yourself?
Bill: Sometimes I can’t tolerate myself. I don’t watch my preformances-I don’t bear myself on TV. It also annoys me that I am constantly thinking about something. That I am often not amused and I am nervous. I always check two times if the doors are locked.Look 10 times If I haven’t forgot. I think I should become more relaxed.

Bravo: Are you afraid of the future?
Bill: Yes. Who knows what will I do for 5 or 10 years? My horrorversion would be to have a computer in an office. That’s really not for me. Alreadyin the school I had an authority problem. I just can’t listen to anyoneI hope that I will always be my own boss.

Bravo: Do you also fight –or you are more persistent?
Bill: I am very emotionally,I have yelles on other guys or Team
mebers, if something is not working properly,or doesn’t fit into my stuff.

Bravo: How does a fight in Tokio Hotel looks like?
Bill: Before we also beaten eachother. Today we make a psychological pressure…

Bravo: Really? How does it looks like?
Bill: We do not talk to each other. Or we tell the other deliberately about termines:when I am really happy about the photoshooting and Tom is mad at me, then he says it in secret. But the next day the anger is usually already over.

Bravo: Has one of you in a fight already told: “Enough for me! I quit!” ?
Bill: No one said that aloud but we all had that thoughts.There were moments when I thought:I will not do that anymore! I leave it all behind. And now I also want some time for myself.

Bravo:What are those situations,in which everything is too much for you?
Bill: When I don’t know how to go on and I have no more ideas.Than there are days when I just want to pack my things –and don’t want to hear about the band for a year.But on the end I again think on fans, on the power, that they give to us and how much fun do I have to be Tokio-Hotel-Frontman

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