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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Exclusive interview: Tokio Hotel answers FRIDAs weird questions!

INTERVIEW; Exclusive interview: Tokio Hotel answers FRIDAs weird questions!INTERVIEW; Exclusive interview: Tokio Hotel answers FRIDAs weird questions!

Exclusive interview: TH answer FRIDAs weird questions!
Bill Kaulitz: “We only think about dirty stuff”

Who in Tokio Hotel sing in the shower, who got the worst morningtemper and
what really happened with Tom’s dreadlocks? You will find the weird answers here!

What would you have been working with if you weren’t in Tokio Hotel?
We would have been unemployed musicians.
Tom: I would also consider myself to be a lazy policeofficer.

Bill, how much time and money do you spend on your hair?
It takes maximum 10 mins on the morning. How much money I spend? Pretty normal I think, not very much. It depends on how much it cost at the hairdresser, a few hundred Euros. Otherwise I actually only use hairspray.

Tom, what happened with your dreadlocks?
One beautiful day they got ripped out of my head. Now they are sold to a maximum bid on e-bay!
Haha, okey..? And how did this happened?
I can’t say, it’s not very nice. Nah, I just wanted to get rid of the heavy weight on my head! Get abit easier on the head as well.
Georg: Ever since he even manage to speak in full sentences… Haha.

What are your worst habits?
Im awake too long during the nights and then I drink too much coffee.
Tom: I also drink too much coffee. One new bad habit is that I sleep to long when I have a day off!
Georg: That I often forget about the time and are late.
Tom: Georg forget to take a shower sometimes too. It’s unpleasant for the rest of us.
Gustav: I tease.

If you were girls for one day, what would you do?
(everybody laughs hysterical)
Tom: There are so many things… So many things…
Bill: We only think about dirty stuff! I only know horrible stuff, haha. I would like to try as much as possible.
Tom: If I were a girl for a day I would try to sleep with Tom Kaulitz.
Georg: We all can relate to that… We would try that too, haha!

How does the perfect Saturday morning look like?
Being interviewed in Sweden!
Haha. Come on.
Yeah! Interview with FRIDA!
Don’t you like to party?
We barley go out. We usually stay home in the house, watching DVDs and eating chips and such stuff.

Who got the worst morningtemper?
I do. I hate people who are happy during the mornings.
Tom: We all hate it, that’s why we play in a band, haha.

Who got the best sense of humour?
It must be Georg.
Tom: Yes, but that’s involuntarily.
Georg: Yeah, that’s what you think…

Who is most organized?
I am!
Bill: Yes, he truly is.

Who spend most money on clothes?

Who sings the most in the shower?
That must be me. All day!
Tom: It’s annoying.


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