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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Tokio Hotel release their third Album “Humanoid”

Tokio Hotel release their third Album “Humanoid”
From the Magdeburger Backyard to a world tour

Magdeburg. 2001 the four 12-14 year old Boys spent their time with playing their instruments in a backyard in Magdeburg-Sudenburg. They called themselves “Devilish”. Tom, Bill, Gustav and Georg are now Millionaires. Eight years after Sudenburg “Tokio Hotel” are now global stars.

Actually it’s a joke in the history of Rock: But at the moment two “East-Bands” compete for the title of germanys biggest Rockexport of all time. At the same time these two Bands couldn’t be more different when it comes to their target audience.

The Metalrocker from “Rammstein” are releasing, after a 2-year break, on October 16th their sixth Album “Liebe ist für alle da”. The Musicians are from Schwerin, Chemnitz and Berlin and played in GDR-Punkpands like “The Inchtabokatables” and “Feeling B”. The four – much younger – musicians from “Tokio Hotel”, born between 1987 and 1989, grew up – musically – in the time of Reunification-Magdeburg. Their 3rd Album “Humanoid” will be released – also after a 2-year break – next week on October 2nd.

Two Bands fighting for Place #1
What do the “bad boys” from “Rammstein” have in common with “Tokio Hotel”, the Teen-Swarms, except of the same roots? A lot. In the past it was the success: “Rammstein” already sold 12 Million Records, “Tokio Hotel” 5 million. Currently both are fighting for the 1st place in the german Single Charts. A week ago – September 18 – the first single from their new Albums were released: “Pussy” from “Rammstein” and “Automatisch” from “Tokio Hotel”.

And this all around the world. “Rammstein” is singing “Pussy” in a German-English-Mix. The not so family-safe Lyrics are about fast love with easy women. “Automatisch” is about disappointment of a false love. Thus “Tokio Hotel” can still be marketed worldwide, the new Album “Humanoid” was recorded in two languages. So the english Single “Automatic” is being played at the Radio Stations in Barcelona, Rio de Janeiro or Dallas and “Automatisch” in the german-speaking parts of Europe.

And the current placement? International “Pussy” and “Automatisch/Automatic” will appear in the different national Hitlists ten days after release – thus in the following week. For those Lists the sales of the records and the music-sales in the Internet download portals are considered equally.

In Germany “Media Control” publishes, besides the weekly charts, also the so-called Daily-Trends. Those are daily sale-statements with a two-day delay. “Rammstein” ranked on place #1 on September 18 in the Daily-Trends, “Tokio Hotel” ranked, on the same day, on #2. As of yesterday “Tokio Hotel” slipped on place #9, while “Pussy” is still the most sold Single in Germany.

Is the alarm going off at Universal Music, the record label of “Tokio Hotel”? Melanie Fürste, the press-responsible of the Band waves it aside. She says: “A lot of the younger Fans don’t buy the Single, because they’re waiting for the Album”. Sascha Wernicke, Music Editor and “Tokio Hotel”-Expert at the youth magazine “Bravo” mentions another reason: “Teenager don’t have credit cards. That’s why they buy their music less from download portals in the internet, like other people do.”

In fact in the Hitlist of the most downloaded Singles at “Automatisch” was yesterday on place #61 of the Top 100 (”Pussy” on #36). At iTunes “Automatisch” climbed, in the last two days.

Perhaps the restraint of the younger fans is also there because of the new Sound of “Tokio Hotel”? The Bravo-Editor Sascha Wernicke describes the new Album as “More grown-up. But it doesn’t have to be a bad thing. The Fans from 2005 are now also 4-years older.”

Indeed: “Humanoid” from “Tokio Hotel” absulutely doesn’t sound – pardon – like Teen-Pop, but more like an Album of a grown-up Metal-Band. By the way: Both Bands recorded and produced their new Albums independently in California. Perhaps that’s why.

Certainly that’s why the new english Songs from “Tokio Hotel” are much catchier than the german Versions. It sounds cooler when Bill Kaulitz doesn’t have to sing about a “Sonn-Nen-Sys-Tem” (engl.: Solar System) but instead about the “Dark Side of the Sun”.

Volksstimme would have liked to talk with the boys from Magdeburg about their new Album. Sarah Osterman – responsible of the international press of “Tokio Hotel” at Universal Music – knows the Calendar of the Band: Tomorrow on Saturday “Tokio Hotel” has an appearance at a MTV Event in Rome. “Then they’ll be in France, Stockholm, Helsinki and then they’re going back to Italy and Spain. On October 9 there’s another MTV-Concert in Greece and then the Dates for the US will follow.” Interviews for Newspapers, Guest-appearances in TV-Shows and at Radio Stations. In between one or two “spontanous” Concerts. The PR-Machine is running.

A Flat in Hollywood
“Bravo”-Editor Sascha Wernicke is a part of the few Journalists who recently got to schedule an Interview-Date with “Tokio Hotel”. On Wednesday “Bravo” published a story, which says that the twin brothers Bill and Tom Kaulitz want to look for a flat in Hollywood. Both of them are living in Hamburg.

Is “Tokio Hotel” still a Band from Magdeburg? Wernicke: “Gustav and Georg are still living in Magdeburg and they also want to stay there, they assured me in the Interview.” Georg has a girlfriend since 6 months, which he got to know in Magdeburg. “She wants to stay out of the public eye a lot more than him”, the “Bravo”-Editor says.

The Fans knew that drummer Gustav was still “active” at home, at the latest, when he got attacked in a Disco in Magdeburg. Perhaps he had too much to drink. He got attacked because of a girl.

But the attack was certainly not about a Girl which “Rammstein” are currently successfullly singing about. The new Sound may sound heavy and grown up, but “Pussys” don’t fit in with the “Clean-Image” of “Tokio Hotel”

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