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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Tokio-Bill: fair punishment for the stalkers!

Tokio-Bill: fair punishment for the stalkers
In the MSN-Interviw Tokio Hotel talked about their life in the spotlight

Fame has its dark sides. Firsthand the guys from Tokio Hotel had to learn this, after their meteoric rise in 2005.At the beginning of this year a group of female stalkers was literally hunting the Magdeburg band. That they will never be again the homely guys from next door, Bill (20) Tom (20), George (22) and Gustav (20) had resigned to the fact….but they still demand for justice. “We hope those people will undergo a real punishment for that,” claimed frontman Bill Kaulitz in MSN STAR LOUNGE interview.
Bill Kaulitz
This year in april, the Stalker-stress should have been the backdrop for an incident at a gas station in Hamburg, where Bill’s Twin Brother Tom Kaulitz had clashed with a young woman. The situation there escalated a short time later, because a family member of the Kaulitz twins was before physically attacked. In response, the band filed charges against their chasers, also in April 2009

In an interview with STAR LOUNGE Bill remembers the “blatant time.” “The worst thing for us was , that it was our private life,or should I better say , we have almost no privacy … that was really the worst, that it comes to our families and friends … We can deal with this very good. . We have decided to live a public life… but we wanted to protect our families and friends, “said Bill.

The chances are good that the perpetrators will be punished for their behavior, Stalking (obsessive pursuit) is a criminal offense. In Germany for that you cope with 3 years in prison . Nevertheless, the boys expect that they will be always some kind of exaggerated fan love.

“I think, this could happen over and over again. You are never be safe . But of course we just try to keep going. For sure..,you never bounce back because of this…But these things are truely ugly.. and it could happen again and again.I think, this is something you have to deal with, if you are successful…further Bill said.

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