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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Tokio Hotel Exclusive: Tom Kaulitz Says, ‘I Have More Sex In My Voice’ Than Bill!

Tokio Hotel Exclusive: Tom Kaulitz Says, ‘I Have More Sex In My Voice’ Than Bill!

NEWS; Tom - I have more Sex in my Voice than Bill
Speaking from the Los Angeles studio where they recorded the Scream follow-up, lead singer Bill Kaulitz discusses having to sing in German and English. “They have to do this super complicated thing: change the session … from German to English,” he explained. “Yes, constant switches. I believe no other singer has to remember so many different lyrics like I do. It’s only the third album, and I already have 10,000 songs.”

Meanwhile, Tom Kaulitz talks about the different dynamics he and brother Bill have in their voices, saying one thing separates them: “I have more sex in my voice,” Tom explained. “Actually, the decision [for Bill to be the lead singer] was because of the securities. The securities asked us for it, because if I sing, there would be an escalation at each show. To calm things down, we went with Bill.”

Tom also discussed how his brother has to work to remember the songs they are recording for when they hit the road. “He needs to remember everything for the tour. I actually did all of the recordings up to now,” he said. “He needs to learn everything for our tour, which is why we rented this studio. We’ll check it out, and hopefully he’ll manage the upcoming albums without me.”

He also talked about the time the guys in the band tried out different roles. “Bill was playing bass, because it’s the easiest,” Tom recalled. “He only had to play a few tones. Yes, I [played the drums. Drummer Gustav Schäfer], he sang, and [bassist] Georg [Listing] played the guitar. That was wicked. I think we performed ‘Monsoon,’ didn’t we?

“[Gustav turned it into hardcore metal] to cover [the fact] that he can’t sing,” Tom continued. “I was perfect. Like a clockwork. But the others messed it up.”


  1. Das Video wird automatisch fantastischen ......!
    Ai hinter meiner Wand ist groß ......

    Mia Raketic

  2. Ich liebe Tom Kaulitz ist viel schöner ... Jeder in der Band sind schön, aber es ist eine Ausnahme .....!

    I love them all!

    Mia Raketic!


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