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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Tokio Interview Interview
The German band will release in October theur new album, Humanoid. They present a more electronic style and also a new look. They answered some questions of the users from

Tokio Hotel aren’t anymore what they were. After one year almost desapeared, the German band, lead by the twins Bill and Tom Kaulitz, came back with a new album in their arms Humanoid (Universal), that will be released in the next October 6th around the world.

And this time changed their sound, which has now electronic sources, btu also their aesthetics. A big mowhak is now on the top of the lead singer’s head, and walks as he can with some high heels. His brother left his dreads behind and now he has dark braids.

Together with Georg and Gustav, bassist and drummer of the band, were in a centre hotel in Madrid with several Spanish media, with whom they talked from their new work and to their personal life. In a distended enviromment and full of jokes, the guys from Tokio Hotel answered to questions of some users of

How is the new album, Humanoid?
Bill: We tryed to scape a little from the public life for a year so we could record, and from that 16 musics came. The sound is much more electronic, we wanted something more than a base with bass and drumms, even still the guitars keep there. We and our producer we had the clear idea we wanted to try something new, for example, synthesizers.

Is it true that you were inspired in sci-fi?
Bill: We didn’t read too much about it and, since the beggining, it wasn’t something we had in our minds all the time to do the album. But we realized after it that, definitly, Humanoid has a lot of sci-fi.

Do you have already dates for the tour? Will you come to Spain?
Tom: It will start in the beggining of 2010, but it can go until April! (laughs) But no, we still don’t have dates for Spain.

Bill’s new looks is, let’s say, rare. Is there any reason for such a fast changing?
Bill: It has nothing to do with strategy, is something more personal. We dress ourselfs as we want in that moment and we hope our fans like it, but it is nothing crucial. It’s more about feel fine with ourselfs.
Tom: gustav said that, he feels always way to confortable (laughs).

You follow the fashion?
Bill: Since we were 7 or 8 years old, we started creating a personal style. I always some money, so really early I started doing my clothes with the fabric I could. Even my mother helped me. Nowadays, it still have interest in that world [of fashion].
Tom: When Bill was young, he jumped into the trash… And then he started dressing himself in a distinct way (laughs).

Does the subject paparazzi has a good side?
Bill: It’s hard to go out on the street, yes, but we admit that we can’t go out alone and without bodyguards and [we know] there will be photos of us.
Tom: And we don’t have too much time in our private life, that’s why there is very few time left to enjoy and dedicate it to our family and friends.

What is the most credible lie said on the Internet about the band?
Bill: The worst thing that I read was that I commited suicide in a hotel.
Tom: Or that I had infected my pubic hairs…
Georg: (in Spanish) Vello público? (laughs) [English: public hair]

A lof of your fans are interested about your personal situation, your love songs are based in self-experiences? what did you guys already did for love?

Bill: Unfortunatly there is nothing autobiographic in our musics when they are about love (laughs). Love isn’t something that interests us, but for is it is really hard to find. We tend to base outselfs on friendship, in what people tell us, we also talk about nostalgia, and in wished to find it [love].
Georg: You can say it for you three, because I already found it… I did a lot of things for love.
Gustav: For love, i invited someone to eat on McDonald’s. But by car, of course… (laughs) [this answer is weird o_o]

If Tokio Hotel had been another guys and you some normal boys, would you be fan of them?
All: Yes, of course.
Bill: We don’t want it to sound pretentious, but we do the music we like and music that we like to hear.

From which song would you guys to a cover? With whom would you guys go up on stage?
Tom: We aren’t too much into do covers, but once we had a project…
Bill: I will do a list then I will give it to you (laughs).

What would you say to people who are in the begginning of their carrers to reach the international recognition?

Tom: We send them greetings from here (laughs). The truth is that we had a lot of luck, because we are from a smal city in Germany and there is no discographic company or something like that. We just tryed it in the right moment, in the right place and, of course, perform all around there.
Bill: When we were at schoolm some of our teachers or collegues didn’t believed we were already music artists and they didn’t believed we did it. Everything we had been through is an afirmation of what it really was. And meet some of them now is really nice…

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