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Friday, September 25, 2009

INTERVIEW; SRF music Tokio Hotel Interview!!!

This is an interview with bill,Tom and a fan,named Mina!!!

Q: Is a new album synonym of stress for you?
Bill: We feel less pressure now because it’s our 4th album, and so we have nothing more to prove. This album is released in many countries at the same time. There are two versions, an English one, a German one. It’s both very exciting and stressful for us because it’s the first time. But we try to relax and focus on our first goal, which is to make good music and that people keep enjoying what we’re doing.

Q: The desire of a musical change?
Bill: For this album, we wanted to produce something different and evolve musically. We performed the same songs for one year and it’s true that even we were bored to hear and interpret them. We had to move on. We wanted a different sound from the eternal guitar-bass-drums. So we tried lots of different things. But what’s really new in this album is that Tom and I co-produced it.
Tom: We went to the studio and we tried new things, original sounds for us. There has not been some precise influences. We wanted to make a new album and it’s true that the sound is different. But it still is TH.

Q: Was this album inspired by science fiction?
Bill: To be honest, we’re not science fiction fans. We simply thought that the word “humanoid” fitted us and that it described quite well our lives and what we are. So, we had chosen this title for the album before we even started to write the songs.

Bill: Success is not something you get used to. Sure we’re really happy to see our fans waiting for us outside. We worked hard and for quite a long time on this album. And when we arrived, two days ago, we were delighted to see that our fans were there in front of the hotel. (not true apparently, according to Fifi)

Mina (TH fan): I think I would need to write a book to describe all I like about them. They are real I think they are… That’s a band that wasn’t casted, they knew each others for a long time as kids and who realized a dream together without expecting it. They’re real, the fact that they’re my age, what they sing and say fits with a certain period of my life… They evolved like I did in fact. So after a while, it’s sentimental, we get attached, and it’s a little like our favorite (ndlt: chouchou in French, hard to translate).

Bill: Fans are really important for us in every country. They always have something special. But it’s true that apart from Germany, we played most of our shows in France.
Tom: French fans always welcome us greatly.

Bill: They are here right when we arrive and it’s true that they have always supported us.

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