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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Tokio Hotel talking about GIRLS n RELATIONSHIP

INTERVIEW; tokio hotel talking about GIRLS n RELATIONSHIP

With Tokio Hotel: “One day we were arguing among ourselves about a girl”

Musicians blockbuster youth group Tokio Hotel in an exclusive interview when told AIF.RU readers will come to Russia as the shape of their relationship with the girls and denied the rumors about the resignation of a member of the collective

“AIF”: – He walks a lot of rumors about the relationship in the group and female fans. How do your family and the girls react to this?
Tom Kaulitz: – Of all the permanent members of the group she is only in George, while the rest alone. As for our families, they are happy when we are happy.

“AIF”: – The critics say that your music – it is not art, but a product created by skilled producers. You are not offended?
Tom: – Critics are always looking for something to annoy write about us. But we are not even too worried about it. We know what we stand as artists – come to our concerts next year, see for yourself.

“AIF”: – Clarify all the same. Your musical style – this is emo-rock, pop-rock, stadium rock?
Bill Kaulitz: – This is a combination of all genres.

“AIF”: – now at the stage of your many imitators, and some of them as popular as you are. What do you think?
Bill: – We think that we need to find their own way and style, think with your head and not try to imitate others.

“AIF”: – What kind of impression you made on each other when they first met?
Tom: – As soon as we saw each other, it became clear that everything goes well. Always fun to talk with guys your age who also love to play music like me and Bill.

“AIF”: – Our young readers want to know how your “dream girl”?
Bill: – We have no certain type of girls who have always liked him. Any like. Hair color does not matter

“AIF”: – When you go on tour? You are expected not only in Russia but also in the CIS …
Tom: – The tour starts on February 22. March 8 we will give a concert in St. Petersburg, and 10 in Moscow. To be honest, we look forward to these statements, because we have maintained excellent memories of Russia. Our performances here have turned out some of the best. And yet, we, of course, the sunset happy party after a concert in Russia!

“AIF”: – What are the albums you like one of those that you listened to recently?
Bill: – I liked the album by American band Kings of Leon
Georg Listing: – Me too.
Tom: – To me, the new album, Jay-Z – excellent.
Gustav Schäfer: – I have only one album this year bought. «Humaniod».

“AIF”: – Bill, fans ask why you changed his hairstyle?
Bill: – Hair – it’s your personality. Just so happened that I had changed. No special reason. I like to periodically change something.

“AIF”: – Have you ever argue on something together?
Bill: – Yes, somehow I and Tom were arguing over the girl. Tom won.

“AIF”: – It is true that George is leaving the group?
All: – None.

“AIF”: – What are you dreaming? You do have something to dream?
Bill: – Of course, dream. Tom, we dream about the same. We’re twins. We even dreams are the same sometimes. We have a spiritual connection

The Group and its management to thank fans for their interest in their creativity and apologize for the delay in the interview. The boys have just returned from Central America, where he appeared in a promotional tour in support of their new album.


  1. This interview is so cute. I like a lot it was really fun reading it.

  2. Oh, I'm right with ya! :D


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