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Sunday, November 29, 2009

FACE it or CROSS your fingers girls!

Another girl claiming to be Bill Kaulitz girlfriend.

GOSSIP; FACE it or CROSS your fingers girls!
This time it’s Kim Paradise. Well whats YOUR story girl, we have heard soo many of those “oh i miss him, cant be without him anymore, he loves me, i met him at a party, he stared at me all the time, i felt like fainting, i know u guys are jealous of me but u have to face it i am bills girlfriend, he told me not tell anyone so that the fans wont get upset, i have a blog so i can brag about how bitchy and lucky i am to have bill kaulitz as my baby boy. I am bills girlfriend. I’m even pregnant O.o


She has a blog
She has twitter
She probly has facebook as well
She has bill’s number and talks to him every minute and every day ..
-So what? Even I can make up all this drama, with even a better story. So what am tryna say is, dont believe in anything before u hear it from bill himself (:

&& Personally i dont really see any reasons to make her famous here at THR by posting her pics/info about her and etc. cuz if shes just another faker…she doesnt even deserve to get mentioned. But since a lot of fans were asking and mailing me to tell them about this rumor i decided to just write a little about what I think about all this drama and this ‘queen’.


  1. you`re right. I just believe it when bill says that this is so, too. and when this is a lie then she`s the biggest bitch i know.
    Sorry for the mistakes, i`m german

  2. huh..well what do you know, another fake ass beeyotch who's trying to make herself famous by saying she is dating Bill O.o like we needed another one >.> but whatever, ill believe it when i see her and Bill arm-n-arm strolling down the beach laughing and kissing; and of course when he says its true

  3. You're so right guys!But I posted that post becuase I wanted to know your opinion!Thanks for your comments guys!

  4. But is this true ?? Or is she just lying ??

  5. Btw, my facebook is Eliza Spirzak @ facebook.

    And i have made a group for Tokio Hotel lovers " KIM PARADISE IS NOT BILL KAULITZ GIRLFRIEND" join if you guys want, your are allways welcome. =]

  6. that kim paradise is really a bitch like she said!! belong to a dog himp! fuck!

  7. she is most definitly lying i mean even if she was bill's girlfriend, bill would be soo happy and the first thing he would do is say to the media that he's in love.. but let's be realistic here for a moment even if bill were to fall in love with someone, he wouldn't fall in love with some bitch making up some fuckin wierd stories about her meeting him at some party and now fuckin being pregnant with him... oh hell no bill wouldn't fuck that shit even if his life depended on him.. but really he wouldn't even date a girl who's lying her ass off in the first place (he hates liars)..and bill wants someone who's real and who's not a fake..someone who won't love him just to get publicity which this bitch already did or tried to do.. so do you think that bill would actually fall in love with this piece of shit? .. c'mon people..i certainly don't think so. So whatever happenes that goes on and bill doesn't know about or has not said anything about it himself ain't true. cause if bill said nothing about a relationship of any sort and you most definitly have not heard it from him then it's really not true .. soo please girls i know you all love bill .. and i don't blame you all and if you know your bill really well then you guys are smart enough to know that when it comes to a certain relationship that bill said nothing about then you really know somethin is wrong.So yea i hope this answer's the questions of some fans who got their hearts broken by a "FAKE" storie.. and just to say it again "IT WAS FAKE OF KIM PARADISE" (if that's even her real last name) piece <3

  8. Mad as a hatter. how obsessive can she get. HAHAH! IM PREGNANT WITH EADWARD CULLEN'S BABY! NOT! HHHHAHAA EVN I CAN MAKE IT UP

  9. It's WRONG ! She's a FAKE!

  10. Yes...she was fake!
    But now Bill sais that he has a girlfriend!
    We don't know her name..but we saw it on a Georgian Channel!

  11. her name is Marina shes a totally bitch ...

  12. Marina is the name of Bill's girlfriend...
    or the name of the Fake bitch in the article I posted?


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