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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Bill and Tom Kaulitz donate for DAA’s Education Center

Blog de tokio-hotel2 :Tokio Hotel   //    •  #1 Source sur le groupe Tokio Hotel •, Bill and Tom Kaulitz donate for DAA's Education Center

Last month we announced a new upcoming initiative from Tokio Hotel to help raise funds for Designers against AIDS and their new International HIV/AIDS Awareness Education Center (IHAEC) in Antwerp, Belgium.

Today I can reveal the project: at the end of this year, an English written book will be published by Belgian publisher Ludion about the first 10 years of the work of Designers against AIDS (including our Fashion against AIDS campaigns/collections with H&M), with 15% of every book sold going directly to the Education Center. One half of the book will deal with the most important projects of DAA (including the photo of Tokio Hotel in the FAA campaign in 2009) and in the other half of the book, over 100 well known and emerging artists give us their vision on what true beauty means to them.

For this part, Bill and Tom Kaulitz donated three photos that have never been shown before, shot by themselves: one taken from the stage in Paris on July 14th in 2007 when they played for over 500.000 fans and you can see the Eiffel Tower in the background, the other two taken in the plane, on their way to their holiday in Malé.

The book will be called Designers against AIDS, The First Decade!, will cost around 25 euros and will be sold wrapped in a poster, made from 1 of the 6 best photos of the book.

Important news: if enough Tokio Hotel fans show interest in buying this book, we’ll make sure they can buy it wrapped in a Tokio Hotel poster from the FAA campaign, as we believe it was one of the strongest images we had that year. If you plan to buy the book, or want to ask it as a Christmas present from your family or friends for instance, please let us know here on the Designers against AIDS fan page on Facebook and who knows, maybe the band can offer it for sale online on Bravado if they know you’re interested! This way, many fans around the world can buy the book, enjoy it and at the same time support our work. Thanks again to Tokio Hotel!

Today I saw the first lay-out of the book and it looks so fantastic and inspiring- can’t wait to get my hands on a copy when it comes from the printer! Together we can make it a bestseller;-)!!!
We want to thank you already for your continuing support and are very curious to hear your reactions.

Kindest regards

Founder/Director Designers against AIDS

PS And no, we can’t show the three photos that Bill and Tom made yet- they should stay a surprise for a little while longer.

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